Teenage Leadership Hub (Hub 18)

At Hub 18, we complement classroom lessons with life skills for teenagers in schools. The idea is to equip teenagers with necessary skills, knowledge, values and attitude that will enhance their confidence and character as leaders. The hub has helped more than a thousand students to develop competency in problem solving, civic engagement, conflict resolution and comprehensive sexual education.

Safe Schools Campaign

The Safe Schools project is aimed at preventing and mitigating violence in schools through advocacy and public education.

Demystify Menstruation

This program aims at sensitizing female students on menstrual hygiene, debunking myths about menstruation, teaching them how to calculate the menstrual cycle and providing sanitary towels for girls in rural and indigent communities.

Safe spaces for Teenage Mothers

This program is designed to provide safe and alternative learning opportunities for out-of-school teenage mothers.

Education for Sustainable Development

This project is designed to empower teachers with basic knowledge of Sustainable Development Goals.


  • School Based Activities
  • Community Based Programs
  • Social media and online platforms


Suite 1A, D Rock Plaza, Kado Estate, Abuja.

Phone: +234(0)703 316 7515

Email: hello@teenagenetwork.org



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