Who We Are

Teenage Network is an adolescent serving non-profit organization that leverages the transformative power of education to raise effective Adolescent leaders. Since registration in 2018, Teenage Network has progressively worked towards balancing classroom lessons with comprehensive sexuality education and life skills, providing gender-based violence prevention and intervention services and facilitating the return of out-of-school adolescent mothers.

Through in-depth research, production of learning resources and advocacy, Teenage Network implements innovative programs targeted at reducing barriers to girls’ education, improving access to quality health information and services, and building the leadership capacity of adolescents across Nigeria.

Our Vision Statement

We envision a world where every adolescent is empowered to take leadership roles in the society.

Our Mission Statement

To facilitate access to quality education and health for adolescents, especially girls as key drivers of sustainable development.

Our Strategic Direction

  • Education
  • Health
  • Leadership and Governance

We envision a world where young persons regardless of their location or status have access to quality health and relevant education that enables them to take leadership roles.

Our Objectives

  • To create safe spaces in which young people regardless of their identity can find their voice and develop their potentials.
  • To utilize creative and active learning approaches to empower teenagers with life skills
  • To facilitate access to relevant health information needed to help young persons make informed life choices

Our Values

  • Solidarity
  • Mutal respect
  • Transparency and Accountability

Our Theory of Change

Teenage Network harnesses its expertise and resources to effect change by working with adolescents, parents, education regulatory bodies, teachers and civil society actors to achieve its ultimate goal of empowering adolescents to take leadership roles in the society. Through evidenced-based programming, adoption of local solutions and community participation, we believe that this great change can be achieved if:

  • We improve access to quality health information and services for adolescents

Teenage Network believes that access to health information enables adolescents to make informed life choices and access to non-judgemental and non-discriminatory health services is essential in positioning adolescents to lead. To achieve this, Teenage Network supports adolescents living with and/or orphaned by HIV, provides comprehensive sexuality education for adolescents, creates awareness about the dangers of substance abuse and empowers adolescents to challenge harmful sociocultural norms and practices that predisposes them to gender-based violence such as Breast Ironing, Child marriage, Female Genital Mutilation and other forms of violence.

  • We reduce the barriers to Girls’ Education

Teenage Network believes in the transformative power of education. We believe that education is fundamental in raising effective leaders. As such, adolescents’ right to education must be upheld, regardless of their gender, parity status, socio-economic status and their geographical location. Teenage Network partners with stakeholders to reduce barriers to girls’ education which are: Period poverty, teenage pregnancy, child marriage, school related gender-based violence and poor access to WASH facilities. We adopt intersectionality approach in promoting school retention and re-enrolment among adolescent girls.

  • We Develop the Leadership Capacity of Adolescents

Overtime, the skill set required to lead in the 21st century has continued to emerge. It is therefore important that adolescents are equipped with life skills such as problem solving skills, goal setting, negotiation, storytelling, and networking skills. They should also be empowered to perform their civic responsibilities which includes voting and holding elected and appointed leaders accountable. To achieve this, Teenage Network balances classroom lessons with life skills for adolescents and collaborate with school teachers to deliver leadership lessons in schools.


89 Ahmed Joda Crescent Kado Estate, Abuja

Phone: +234(0)703 316 7515

Email: hello@teenagenetwork.org


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